CREATIVE Production In Social Enterprises

for Migrants and Asylum seekers

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CREATIVE PRISMA project addresses the horizontal priority of social inclusion. It targets migrants and refugees or asylum seekers with the aim of training them until they acquire skills in the third sector (non-public, non-private sector). The theme proposed is training in social entrepreneurship in the fields of fashion and creative industries. As social enterprises have targets and missions related to non-commercial purposes, they can be a friendlier, more sustainable and accessible solution to find a job for vulnerable social groups, in a period of economic crisis. The creative industry helps migrants, asylum seekers or refugees to maintain the cultural identity of their homeland, while it gives them a passport for inclusion in the host society. Working in these organisations will not only bring them income, but it will also help to tackle discrimination, segregation or marginalization and prejudices as well as foster intercultural dialogue.

Creative Primsa addresses current refugee crisis which affects all European countries and presents a challenge for the reception, integration and employment of refugees coming from conflict zones. According to UNHCR and IOM 2017 reports over 1 million in 2015, 360.000 in 2016 and 150.000 in 2017 have crossed the Mediterranean, Greece, Italy and Spain being the main entrance points. Although this is a purely international problem, and EU countries try to tackle it in a coordinated way, Mediterranean countries suffer the most and need to find ways to comfort migrants and refugees. Employment of refugees is therefore vital for their survical and their integration into the society in which they will settle and fight marginaliation, criminality and fanaticism.

The project will produce 3 main Intellectual Outputs
A “Good practices study” that will be a collection of real-life stories of migrants that have made a career and/or social entreprises in the fashion/creative industry in a country different than their own.
A training course-learning material on the subject of “entrepreneurship” and the subject of fashion/creative business. This course will cover some generic subjects such as how to approach customers, how to develop a business plan, how to choose business equipment etc. but it will also cover some practical issues for starting up a social business such as official regulations, legislation, administrative procedures, financing etc.
A mobile learning application. The migrants and refugees/ asylum seekers are a mobile target group. Their current host country is probable not their final destination. The mobile app will be available in 6 languages and will provide useful resources on how to start a fashion or creative business that are specific for 6 different countries.